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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ayahama Fund Manager on InstaForex PAMM System

About Ayahama Fund Manager

Understanding PAMM System

PAMM is an interactive service for automated trading systems, with the help of traders who control the capital and / or raise capital from investors.

The main points of the workings of PAMM-system's is the trader have more opportunity to receive investment from other investors or to invest its own funds in the account. With this, investors can use the PAMM-system for the collection of profits gained from the deal done by the trader (Example: 30% profit for traders, 70% profit to investors).

All investments and transfers within the scope of PAMM-system controlled by the Company InstaForex automatically, this is to ensure the safety of all participants, transparency and thought the whole operation in this system. So there are risks of PAMM System is less skill of trader in doing trading, causing losses on the part of investors money.

By using this PAMM system, then the money will remain safe INVESTOR because it is not possible taken away by the traders.

Basically, PAMM-account is an asset of trader confidence, which the Broker InstaForex taken of the funds, which provide equal rights for all traders and allow to separate the total assets at any time, which belongs to a trader or investor.

At the end of the contract period of PAMM, the profit earned by the PAMM-traders will be divided equally between the PAMM Trader and PAMM Investor, according to the initial contract was approved investors when investing funds.

Forex investment with PAMM "Ayahama Fund Manager" :

PAMM "Ayahama Fund Manager" is a trader in InstaForex PAMM System specifically for traders and investors or the forex business is Caring about the Tight Money Management.

PAMM "Ayahama Fund Manager" is PAMM Traders who apply Money Management at 2% risk of Balance for each open position (OP).

Before investors decide to Participate in Program PAMM "Ayahama Fund Manager", then the investor must understand the right of anything that can be given by PAMM Trader and fully understand all risks or losses will be fully responsible investors.

PAMM Terms and Conditions of "Ayahama Fund Manager" :

  • Minimum deposit = $ 1 USD
  • Minimal time investment = 30 Days
  • Share Profit for Investors = 70%
  • Share Profit for Trader = 30%
  • Penalty = 10% (This happens if investors withdraw funds before 30 days from the date Investors made invest funds before)
  • Share profit for Agent / Partners = 10%
  • For Invest money to PAMM Ayahama Fund Manager there is will be quickly approved by us, if investor close the all position that still open on Investor account during invest process.
  • The risk of loss entirely the responsibility by Investor.

To monitor Performance of PAMM "Ayahama Fund Manager", Please go to:

Or you can visit My Official Website at

Let's make consistan profit from Forex Trading Activity with Ayahama Fund Manager on InstaForex PAMM System with My Best Money Management ( 2% Risk Tolerance from Equity ) Learn more at or find out on My Official Website at Or you can learn more at

ALSO ... I Introducing you to My Forex Rebate Method :

AyahamaFxRebate is a system of part of funds repayment to Forex-traders after each deal made by them. In other words, AyahamaFxRebate helps traders to receive additional profit due to part of commission or spread rebate on the regular trading at the international Forex market with InstaForex Company.

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